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How to Get Started with Google Ads for Financial Services


by Rachel Southcott, Marketing & Lead Gen Consultant

by Rachel Southcott, Marketing & Lead Gen Consultant

You’ve stumbled across this article while looking for ways to generate more financial services leads.

Rest assured you’re in the right place.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to generate leads in the financial sector.

You may be thinking, ‘well I tried Google Ads and I didn’t get a single enquiry’. If that’s the case then something was amiss.

In this article I explain:

Let’s get started…

Restrictions when advertising financial products on Google

There are restrictions around certain financial products which may affect your eligibility to advertise on Google. For example, ads promoting payday loans, high APR personal loans, binary options, gambling, cryptocurrency or credit repair services are either not allowed or must meet certain eligibility criteria.

You can find information about these restrictions and the Google Ads Financial Services Policy here.

Google Ads Financial Services Verification

As a financial services provider you must be verified by Google before you can advertise financial services of any kind in the UK.

To get verified you must complete an online form which contains around 30 questions about the nature of your business, the type of ads you want to run and how you deliver products and services to your customers.

(I have a list of the questions you’ll be asked so feel free to send an email to rachel@thefinancialmarketer.co.uk to request a copy so you can prepare the necessary documents. You don’t want to get halfway through the form and find that you don’t have all the information you need to hand.)

As part of the verification process you’ll need to prove that you’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For some companies it should be fairly straightforward to demonstrate that your business is authorised by the FCA, but for others it might require some legwork. For example, if you’re a Financial Adviser or a Mortgage Broker and you’re part of a network or you’re an authorised representative, you’ll need documentation to prove your relationship with the FCA-authorised firm.

Be mindful that there is a deadline for completing the advertiser verification and if you miss the deadline your account could be suspended. (It’s a pain to get your account reinstated once it’s suspended.)

You can find more information about the UK Financial Services Advertiser Verification Programme here.

How to run Google Ads for financial services

There are three fundamental things you need to get right to ensure your ads are set up correctly.

At the most basic level you’ll need:

  1. A website
  2. Keywords
  3. Ad copy 

Let me briefly explain how Google Ads for financial services works - someone searches for something on Google (keyword), they see your ad (ad copy), they click on the ad to visit your landing page (website).

These three things must go hand in hand to generate the best results. What do I mean by that?... The keywords you target must be reflected in the ad copy as well as the landing page. All three elements should be closely linked to give your ads the best chance of performing.

For example, if you’re advertising mortgages to self-employed individuals this should be evident in your keywords, ad copy and on your landing page. The keyword might be ‘mortgages for self employed’, the ad copy might contain ‘Self-Employed Mortgages’ and the landing page might be a guide on how to get a mortgage if you’re self-employed. This may seem clear as day but I’ve witnessed even the most ‘experienced’ PPC Managers fall foul of this basic rule.

Let’s look at each of the three elements in more detail…


I may be pointing out the obvious when I say that you need a website, but not all businesses have a website, or a website that is set up correctly to generate enquiries.

Your landing page must contain a contact form or a clear call to action that explicitly tells your visitors what you want them to do. That could be to register for a webinar, request a demo, download a piece of content or make an enquiry. Whatever it is, make sure there is only one action you want your visitors to take and make it easy for them to do.

It should look something like this…

Ready to generate more leads?

Book a 30-min call to get started →

See what I did there ;)

The second most important thing to note about your landing page is that it should answer what your visitors have searched for on Google. For example, if someone is searching for a bridging loan your landing page must provide them with the information they’re looking for, otherwise they’ll leave your website within seconds and you’ll waste your marketing budget.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing what keywords to target is they fail to check whether or not people actually search for that phrase on Google.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner, which is a tool available within the Google Ads platform, you can check how often people search for certain keywords and get ideas on what keywords to target.

If a keyword has an average search volume of just 10 searches per month it’s not worth adding to your campaign. Ideally you want to find keywords that have an average monthly search volume of 1,000 or more. If you find niche keywords with a lower search volume, say 100 searches per month, it’s worth testing those to see how they perform. Whilst there are fewer people searching for those phrases, there may also be fewer companies targeting those keywords, which would be advantageous for you. 

Ad copy

When writing your ad copy make sure that the words you use closely mirror the keywords you’re targeting. This is another very basic thing that even PPC Managers with years of experience get wrong when creating Google Ads campaigns for financial services.

When writing ad copy people tend to include things like:

  • Make an Enquiry Today
  • Get in Touch
  • Speak to an Adviser
  • Rated 5 Stars on Trustpilot
  • Over 30 Years’ Experience 

These sorts of headlines won’t generate results. Trust me, I’ve seen the data. Think less about trying to demonstrate your credentials and more about the phrases your target audience is searching for on Google. Think about what words they’re looking for when scrolling through the search results - these are the words you need to use to grab their attention and generate the best results.

And there you have it - the three fundamental things you need to get started with Google Ads for financial services. 

Final word...

It’s important to note that these three things - a website, keywords and ad copy - are just the basics. There are so many other things to consider when running Google Ads for financial services, too many to explain in this one article, but these three are a great place to start.

If you need a hand you know where to find me!

P.S. The sooner you get started, the fewer leads you’ll lose to your competitors. 

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