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Content Marketing for Financial Services


I'm a financial services content marketing consultant and I work with startups and SMEs typically based in London and Kent. I work with clients to develop a data-driven content marketing strategy that is aligned with their objectives. From initial research and planning, through to content creation and distribution; I set up the digital infrastructure required to drive lead generation using financial services content.


Financial Services Content

I create content for financial services and fintech firms including blog articles, web copy, press releases, webinars, and email newsletters. Here are some of the articles I have written:

Financial Services Content Creation

Many businesses take a scattergun approach to content creation with no strategy in place. They publish a random blog article every now and then with the expectation that their ideal prospects will find it and get in touch. Unfortunately, this is a waste of time and effort that will yield very little or no results.

The purpose of financial services content marketing is to attract your ideal prospects, turn them into leads and ultimately generate revenue. As a freelance content marketing consultant, I create written and visual content including blog articles, press releases, email newsletters, webinars and graphics that are all results-driven.

Different types of content serve different purposes. For example, a blog article should be optimised for SEO and form part of an organic search campaign, whereas an ebook is more suitable for a PPC LinkedIn campaign. While the purpose of both strategies is to drive lead generation, the methodology used to create each piece of content differs.



Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy underpins the entire content creation process. It outlines why you’re creating the content, what format is should be in, who it’s for, how it is created, and when and where it will be distributed.

I work with financial services firms to identify their top priorities – Which core products and services do they want to promote? Who is their target audience? What is their audience looking for? And how can they help?

The answers to these questions are just the very start in shaping a content marketing strategy that will drive the right traffic to your website and generate qualified leads.

A good strategy is both data-driven and drives data – that is to say the outputs are measurable. As a freelance content marketing consultant, I track, monitor and optimise the performance of all campaigns to provide transparent results and attribute ROI.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content can be used to generate, nurture and convert leads. To achieve this, you need the right digital infrastructure in place. For example, using CRM software such as HubSpot, you can capture leads, automatically populate your CRM and trigger an automated lead nurturing email workflow.

However, to make this worthwhile you’ll need to generate qualified leads at scale.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is a great place to start. It allows for highly-targeted PPC and lead generation campaigns that, when managed properly, generate results.

Native advertising platforms such as Outbrain and Taboola are also a great way to promote content and drive traffic to your website. For financial services content marketing there is an industry-specific platform called Dianomi. And for fintech content marketing you might consider becoming a member of Finextra where you can create a dedicated blog to share your fintech content.

If you're looking for a freelance content marketing consultant who specialises in fintech and financial services content marketing, you're in the right place!

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