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Lead Generation for Financial Services


Lead Generation for Financial Services


Are you frustrated with lead generation companies that promise a steady flow of high-quality financial services leads but fail to deliver time and again?

Do you feel like you have exhausted all options?

I get it, you’ve had your fingers burnt one too many times and you’re fed up – yet another expensive financial services lead that didn’t convert into new business. Perhaps it’s time to approach lead generation in a more reliable, sustainable, and scalable way.

If you’re looking for another financial services lead generation company to buy leads from, unfortunately you’re out of luck. I don’t buy and sell leads. I’m a financial services digital marketing consultant who creates campaigns that are tailored to your business. Every enquiry comes directly to you, not via a third-party lead generation website.


I get to know you, your business, and your objectives. For example, what services you want to focus on and what type of clients you want to attract. Are you a mortgage broker looking for first-time buyers in Essex? Or perhaps you’re a financial adviser looking to attract business owners with a pension based in Oxford? The more targeted our approach, the better.


I create high-quality, original content that resonates with your target audience, demonstrates your knowledge, and builds trust. I leverage multiple channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, SEO, email marketing and your website to increase awareness of what you do and put you front of mind when your ideal prospects need financial advice.


People see you, they like what you do, they get in touch! Trust me, I’ve been doing this for a while, it works. My most successful clients are the ones that are engaged in the process, feed me with as much information as possible, and implement my recommendations. They are the ones that see results quickly and get new enquiries regularly.



Areas of Financial Services I Can Help With…

I provide lead generation for financial services companies including financial advisers, wealth managers, mortgage brokers and more…

Wealth Management and Financial Advice

Mortgages, Property Finance, and Property Investment

Equity Release and Estate Planning

Insurance and


Importantly, I understand what you do. I have the knowledge and experience to create high-quality social media posts, blog articles and landing pages about pensions, mortgages, equity release and more. This is what sets me apart from other digital marketing consultants and agencies.



Lead Generation Channels

Google Ads

Organic Google Search

LinkedIn Campaigns

Online Marketplaces

Facebook Ads

Email Marketing



How to Generate Financial Services Leads

There are multiple ways to generate financial services leads. Here are just a few examples:

  • You receive a direct message via LinkedIn
  • Someone finds your advert on Google, visits your website, and makes an enquiry
  • Someone finds your business listed on Google Maps and gets in touch
  • Your blog articles can be found on page one of Google search results
  • You share a post on your Facebook page that resonates with the right person at the right time

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds like hard work!


However, it’s important that you do not become reliant on just one source of enquiries as that would pose a risk to your business. It’s best to create multiple ways for people to find you and get in touch. Luckily, I can help with all this and more.



How to Attract the Right Leads

Picture this... you have appointed a financial services marketing agency to set up a Google Ads campaign to generate mortgage leads. They’ve helped you to refine your messaging and freshen up your website ready to generate new enquiries. The landing pages are good to go, the ad copy is approved, and the budget is signed off – the campaign goes live.

Within the first week you’re already getting new enquiries – wow this is working! You get 60 leads within the first month – fantastic! It’s almost too good to be true…

You speak to the mortgage advisers to see how many leads have become clients. You learn that most of the enquiries came from first-time buyers looking to take advantage of government schemes. But you were looking for high-net worth individuals with a big deposit looking for a large mortgage. You’ve wasted time, effort and money generating the wrong leads who aren’t a good fit for your business.

Don’t get caught up in the metrics. The quantity of leads you generate is important, but the quality is what really matters. I know how to attract the right financial services leads that match your criteria and avoid enquiries from people who you are unable to help.

I carefully analyse the data to ensure that your website is being found by the right type of prospects and I regularly tweak campaigns to optimise performance, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.



Financial Services Lead Generation: Client Case Study

A Financial Adviser with St. James’s Place Wealth Management was looking to generate organic leads.

He had tried several paid platforms like Bark but was not getting the results he was looking for and he didn’t want to waste any more budget on leads that were not converting.

I recommend that we leverage several channels but focus our efforts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a key source of lead generation for financial services.

I created a series of LinkedIn posts that positioned him as an expert in his field and encouraged people to ask questions about their finances with no obligations.

The campaign generated 30 enquiries and 5 new clients.

This is just one example of how I help financial services professionals to generate good quality leads and win new business.


Campaign duration: 3 months
LinkedIn posts: 16
Impressions: 26,897
Likes: 220
Comments: 18
Enquiries: 30
New clients: 5




Do you work on a cost per lead or commission basis?

No, I do not charge per lead or work on commission. My fees are not linked to the number of enquiries that you receive. I typically charge a fixed monthly fee starting from £500 per month plus VAT. If you’re looking for lead generation for financial services, please get in touch for a tailored quote.

Can you guarantee a minimum number of financial services leads per month?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee a certain number of enquiries each month. You should be wary of anyone who says that can guarantee a certain number of leads.

How do your services work?

I approach each client with a blank sheet of paper and create a bespoke plan tailored to your needs. I listen carefully to your objectives and challenges and make recommendations that best suit your business. Together we can review those recommendations and prioritise accordingly.

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