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PPC for Financial Services


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a targeted and results-driven marketing strategy that drives website traffic, lead generation and online sales. As the name suggests, advertisers pay only when someone clicks on an advert, and so with PPC you can ensure that you’re paying for results.

I specialise in PPC for financial services and typically manage Google Ads campaigns for financial services and fintech firms based in and around London and Kent. For example, peer-to-peer investment platforms, equity release specialists, wealth managers, financial advisers, accountants, pension specialists and more. While financial services is my area of expertise, I can apply my knowledge and skills in PPC campaign management to a range of professional services firms across the UK.

Financial Services Google Ads

As a freelance PPC consultant, I have the experience and know-how to increase your CTR and drive lead generation at a lower CPC. My PPC services include:

Google Ads Audit

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

New Google Ads Account Build

PPC Consultancy and Strategy

Campaign set up and account management

Detailed monthly reports and conversion tracking


What is PPC?

PPC campaigns are typically associated with Google Ads. Although, there are a multitude of digital marketing channels that facilitate PPC advertising including social media, YouTube and content distribution platforms.

PPC enables you to expedite your online growth strategy, enhance visibility and generate results more quickly than with other marketing strategies. A PPC strategist can carefully manage your budget to maximise clicks and conversions while decreasing your cost per lead.



PPC Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads can be extremely competitive, especially PPC for financial services. It is important that you work with a freelance PPC consultant who understands your business, the industry you operate in, and how to create Google Ads campaigns that will knock your competitors off the top spot in paid search results.

Google search ads might seem fairly easy to set up, however, there are several critical factors to consider that can make or break your campaign. These include:

  • Overall campaign structure
  • Keyword strategy
  • Number of keywords in each ad group
  • Search ad copy
  • PPC bidding strategy
  • Targeting criteria
  • Quality and relevance of your ad
  • Landing page relevance and keywords
  • Lead capture strategy

PPC Social Media Campaigns

I manage pay-per-click campaigns across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. LinkedIn is ideal for financial and professional services firms as the platform provides comprehensive targeting criteria including job title, industry, location, and level of seniority. As an experienced freelance PPC consultant, I develop highly-targeted financial services PPC strategies to ensure that your ads reach top decision makers and ideal clients.

One of the key differences between Google search ads and social media campaigns is where prospects typically are in the buyer's journey. Social media campaigns tend to sit at the top of the marketing funnel at the awareness stage, whereas Google search ads sit towards the middle of the funnel at the consideration stage.

For your PPC social media campaign to be a success, you need high-quality content and messaging to attract and capture leads.


PPC Native Advertising Campaigns

Native advertising is a type of PPC advertising that many people are unfamiliar with. It is called ‘native’ because ads are placed seamlessly alongside other content and blend into the website on which they are promoted. For example, news websites like the Daily Mail place sponsored articles that are likely to be of interest to readers next to regular articles.

Dianomi is a native advertising platform that is ideal for running PPC campaigns for financial services, or PPC for fintech. They have an extensive network of media publishers across business and finance that enable you to promote your content in a contextually relevant environment.  

As a financial services marketer, I understand the importance of complying with the FCA’s rules on financial promotions and can ensure compliance across all campaigns.


If you're looking for an experienced freelance PPC consultant who know hows to manage PPC for financial services, you’re in the right place!