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Social Media for Financial Services

I deliver highly-targeted social media for financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and other financial services companies typically based in and around London and Kent.


I deliver highly-targeted social media for financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and other financial services companies typically based in London and Kent.

Social media is an integral part of your company’s digital footprint and marketing strategy. When used correctly it can be a vital source of new business. As a freelance social media consultant, I specialise in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and both paid and organic campaigns. I develop data-driven strategies combined with proven methodologies to ensure you are seen and heard by your target audience. Importantly, I drive real results, not just followers, likes and impressions, but qualified lead generation. Take a look at this case study example using social media for financial services...


Social Media for Financial Advisers

I work with a London-based Partner and Financial Adviser of St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

One of his main objectives is to elevate his profile and presence on LinkedIn to be front of mind when his connections require financial advice.

I devised and implemented an organic LinkedIn campaign and created high-quality content that positions him as an expert in his field and attracts his ideal prospects.

The campaign has successfully generated numerous inbound enquiries and 30 qualified leads in 3 months. I converted those initial enquiries into telephone calls and my client then secured several face-to-face meetings. So far, he has gained 5 new clients from that one campaign.

He now has a steady pipeline of inbound leads from interested parties, the cost of which is for my time and expertise only.


Campaign duration: 3 months
LinkedIn posts: 16
Likes: 220
Impressions: 26,897
Comments: 18
Qualified inbound leads: 30
New clients: 5

If you’re looking for an experienced social media consultant who knows how to use social media for financial services, you’re in the right place!

Social Media Consultancy


I take a strategic, inbound approach to social media marketing that drives long-term, sustainable growth. I advise clients on best practice and steer clear of poor marketing tactics such as sending cold and unsolicited sales messages to strangers. This approach can damage your reputation and quickly diminish your list of prospects.

Instead, I work closely with clients to establish their core message and identify the value they can offer. I turn their message into creative and thought-provoking content that cuts through the noise and speaks to their target audience.

High-impact and powerful messaging can attract, nurture and convert prospects into paying customers. However, social media marketing is not a short-term strategy, it requires careful planning, impeccable execution and measurable outputs.


"Rachel has helped us out on a variety of projects over the last year or so, and she has always provided high quality, timely, professional services. Also, she has a solid understanding of social media for business and is a real pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel."

Mike O'Hara, The Realization Group



PPC Social Media Advertising

LinkedIn is one of the most effective channels for highly-targeted lead generation campaigns. The platform is rich in data which facilitates comprehensive targeting criteria and ensures you reach the most suitable decision makers in fintech and financial services.

To capture leads you will need a content offer, for example a free trial, an eBook or a whitepaper. Importantly, the content offer must provide value to your target audience. What information are they looking for that will provide a solution to their problem? and position you as the expert who can provide that solution?

As a freelance social media consultant, I monitor and optimise paid social media campaigns daily to generate the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS). I identify what’s working, what’s not working and most importantly, why. I track, measure and report on performance to shape a data-driven social media strategy.

Lead generation is only the start, once we have generated leads we then need to nurture and convert them. Click below to learn more about how I use HubSpot and automated workflows to convert leads into customers.